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We welcome you to sagittarianphotography.eu , if it's your first time here , do have a little peak and if you need assistances, do message us anytime as we are here to serve you. It's lovely meeting you by the way and I'm going tell you a little bit about Brian. 

Originally studied a BA Degree In Film Production at the University for the Creative Arts at Farnham in Surrey, England specializing in Special Camera Operations & also a Diploma in Tv Productions. Living away from home in another country taught me a lot of things about life in general and met all walks of life from around the world while studying in Surrey.

After receiving my BA Degree, I came back to Ireland to find work in the TV & Film Industry and after a while decided to take a different path. One fine day in my local village, I happen to chat to a man known as Kevin who happened to do Drag Hunting with SDH at the time and I was asking all sort of questions about horses as I always loved horses via animals as well. Kevin invited me to the hunts, from there onwards met many riders, a while later met a lovely lady " Nicki " who said that I can take over here position in covering Derby Events. Met lovely people who encouraged me to keep trotting forward.

A very nice Vet name Hugh in which whom I'm still in contact even to this day invited me to the RDS to photograph him working with International Horses with behind the scenes for his company which at the same time gave me a great insight to the horse world. A year later met Hugh at Punchestown Festival in Nass and he showed behind the scenes as it was all knew to me. Again I learnt a few seeing in how other photographers were covering the event & met Mr Healy who's really a nice guy too.

Throughout those major events, I was covering a few events such as Dressage that was never really covered and I was well known in covering Dressage events, AIRC's Three National Events were my first big events from 2017 till 2022 & covered two National Dressage Ireland National Events & Two Silver National Spurs Event. Did turn down opportunities to do PR Coverage for Tattersall International 2018 due to seeing my images in the past. Covered IPS National Event at Tatts 2022 along with a few Eventing Ireland & HSI Events recently 2022.

Our images have made front cover on the Irish Field a few times over the years which is quite difficult to be honest. On the other side away from Equestrian photography, I cover weddings , Corporate events via Head Shots and even equestrian photo shoots which are more on the art side of it and not many people appreciate it.

If ever looking for a photographer for your wedding or corporate, do email me any time, love to hear from you. Thank you for your time in reading about Brian.



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