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Please to meet you and we welcome our new service on July 4th 2020 for clients that compete in SJ , Dressage , Cross Country Events, SJ Training & Photo Shoots where you can for the first time book your own Personal Photographer 24-48 hours in advanced via your time slot info. There's a few options that you can choose from on our " Book Us " Menu but we would recommend that you send an Email to us before Booking as it depends on Date Availability & Numbers of Riders going to the same event as you. This new service was based on the feedback over the years and now you can finally have an Pro Photographer on your side covering your moments at an Event. If you spot me at an event , you can actually book me in Person too. Lastly , we would love to hear from you in the coming days. Let us catch your moments because every picture tells a story, let me help you tell yours.

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